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piyush raj himachal

The Legend of Himachal Folk Music Piyush Raj

The Ghazal maestro & The Legend of  Himachal Folk Music Famous personality and “The Legend of  Himachal Folk Music Piyush Raj ” belongs to Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. Now a well established name of the Capital “Delhi” in Ghazals, Bhajans and Folk Music. Since his early youth, He

Sunil rana himachali singer

Sunil Rana Himachali Singer Star

As you know Himachali singers are very famous in all over the world. They are not only sings Himachali songs. They can sing in any language. Also sings for bollywood and internationally. Sunil Rana is well known Himachal folk singer

Kaku Ram Tahkur Singer

Kaku Ram Thakur Youngest Singer of Himachal

Kaku Thakur also known as Kaku Ram Thakur belong to Chamba Himachal Pradesh is one of the youngest singer who has performed many state level music competitions. Since childhood he has won many awards. He has also participated music concerts

film maker siddharth chauhan

Young and Talented Siddharth Chauhan filmmaker from Shimla

An award-winning Indian Independent filmmaker from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh Born in Renuka (Sirmaur), in 1990, Siddharth has grown up in Shimla and has done his Masters in Business Administration from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. He was always fascinated by films

Young and Multi Talented Ritika Thakur

As you know Himachali Folk dance famous in all over the world. Ritika Thakur is well known Himachal Folk Dancer Star from Chmaba. She is one of the best folk dancer from Chamba Himachal. She is inspiration to all the

Young and Talented Cricket Star RISHABH CHARAK

Rishabh Charak very young cricketer from Himachal, born on 3rd September, 2001 and observed to have passion for cricket since the age 1.5.  He was supported accordingly both at the level of school and parents. Since the age of 10 he was

Galaxy Telecommunication Products in Himachal

GALAXY has been conceived with the vision to provide world-class products with Total Telecom Switching Solutions. Our primary focus to offer “Communication – Solutions” using cutting edge technologies. We have started our solutions in Himachal as well.     Galaxy

guneet catering delhi

Guneet Best Catering Services in Delhi – NCR and Himachal

Guneet caterers and decorators have been providing various useful services like tent house, catering, decorations, etc for all occasions. We specially Himachali Wedding in Delhi / NCR , Birthday Party, All types of the catering services. If you are belong

Himachal Competition Focus a Monthly Magazine

Himachal Competition Focus, where you can get information about Himachal Pradesh, primarily on its history, Geography, Economics as well as you can get solved papers of competitive examinations  organized by  Himachal Pradesh Public Services commission . Himachal Competition Focus website where