Delicious Aloo Chat Shop in Sujanpur Tihra

Aloo Chat (chole), tikki Shop in Sujanpur Tihra is one of most famous shop and whenever we get chance to visit Sujanpur Tihra We eat Aloo chat chole . Since our childhood we never forget this shop. It looks very small shop. If you visit any time during the day you can see huge number of people in queue. Schools or colleges students always in the queue in the shop and eats Aloo chola, tikki Chaat which are very testy. We don’t how exactly they prepare all the items which is Aloo Chole, Aloo Tikki, Smosa, Dhai Bhala etc.

aloo tikki chaat shop

All the people who are belong to Sujanpur Tihra like Alampur, Thural, Jangal Beri and many others near wise. If they visit Sujanpur they love to eat Aloo chole in this shop. We stays in Delhi and whenever we visit our home town we eat Aloo Chole special shop.  During this holi festival we also got a chance to eat Aloo Chat.

We hope if you read this article and get a chance to visit Sujanpur Tihra dont forget to visit Sonu Chat Bhandar is one of the best shop for Aloo chat

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