Sonu Chaat Bhandar Sujanpur Tihra


One of the most popular and old Chaat Shop in Sujanpur.  Since childhood we are very interest to go to eat Aloo Choole , Tikky in particular shop.  Its very small shop but the way of preparing chaat is very nice. People really love to eat Aloo Choole in Sujanpur at Sunu Chaat Bhandar . People not only from Sujanpur, but also from other places as well.  School or college students prefer to go there.

If you get a chance to visit Sujanpur Tihra, dont forget to eat Aloo  (chole) Chaat at Sonu Chaat Bhandar. Aloo Chole, Aloo Tikki, Smosa, Dhai Bhala items available in Sonu Chaat Bhandar.

sonu chat bhandar

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