Barot Village Offbeat Location Mandi

Looking for an off-beat and tranquil vacation destination? Visit Barot village!

A serene river, an offbeat location, some exquisite meadows, a dense cedar forests, some tiered fields and a soothing homestay- seems like your impeccable holiday destination, right? Well, then Barot village near Mandi in Himachal is one place you must plan to visit without any second thoughts.

Atingri Barot

Barot Village is proudly counted among top five must visit offbeat ites in Himachal Pradesh and it has utterly lived up to the criterions and anticipations so far. Burgeoning in the lap of the great Himalayas, Barot Village near Mandi a small, mountainous village with a populace of roughly 2000 persons, incites a sense of serenity amid the itinerants. Sited in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh and contoured by Uhi River, this eccentric place remains pristine most of the year except the summer period. Hindi is the official language in Barot and few inhabitants can also talk in decent English. So, there are no issues in communication facets. A chief geographical feature of the Barot Village is the two reservoirs underneath Shanan Power Project. The spouting water of Uhi River, in addition to adding all the charisma to this settlement, also allows inhabitants for trout breeding. In fact, there is a trout breeding center that aims to release fishes into the river. The itinerants, however, can get involved in undertakings like angling /fishing, trekking, hiking, picnic etc. For those having a keenness for wildlife, Barot village is also a home to Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary. A multiplicity of animals including Monal, wildcats, black bear, monkeys, deer etc. have found lodging in this sanctuary.

This gorgeous village can be visited during all months barring rainy time of year as the condition of the roads may worsen because of dense rains. Landslides can also add in blocking the roads for an indeterminate period. During the months of November to February, weather is quite icy and hefty snowfall can be anticipated during January. However, the village looks immaculate when roofed under white carpet of snow. Individuals having a craze to witness snowfall can visit this place during winter but be equipped with couple of days’ shield in case of hefty snowfall, as road might get barred owing to it.

How to reach Barot?

By road: route from Delhi will be Delhi – Chandigarh – Bilaspur – Mandi – Jogindernagar (roughly 500 km). From Pathankot, the way will be Pathankot – Palampur – Jogindernagar (around 150 km).
By Train: the route will be: Delhi – Pathankot and the slender gauge track from Pathankot – Jogindernagar.