Chanshal Valley in Rohru

Awarded with a remarkable backdrop, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most enthralling tourist destinations of North India. Sightseers from across the world come here to devote some time in the lap of Mother Nature. Whether it is picturesque beauty or adventure sports, supremely nuzzled in the mighty Himalayas, this tourist destination is a vacationer’s utopia in every sense. Magnetisms of Himachal Pradesh will assuredly sweep you off your feet with their unrivaled natural magnificence. One of such amazing example of pristine natural beauty is Chanshal Valley in Rohru. These days, it is hopeless to catch on an unmapped and untouched spot even in the remotest of Himalayas. The Chanshal Pass in that sense is for sure nothing less than a marvel!

Overview Chanshal Valley, Rohru

The uppermost mountain peak in Shimla hills, Chanshal (height 4,520 meters) is principally an unexplored gem that satiates the roving appetite of holidaymakers seeking adventure, splendor and some days of solitude. The colossal Chanshal rises above the Pabbar river valley in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh and contributes components of amazement and magnificence to the immaculate beauty of the area. En-route to Chanshal pinnacles, which is about 150 km from Shimla, via Theog, Khara Pathar and Jubhal, at a distance of 105 km, voyagers get to witness the renowned Hatkoti Vajreshwari Devi Temple. At the entryway to Chansal, this stunning wood carved temple houses an intensely admired meter-high idol of an eight armed goddess carved from rich alloy metal.

How to reach Chanshal?

Shimla is well connected to road you can opt the way of road to reach Chanshal Pass with no trouble. You can also opt for air route as Shimla’s Jubbarhatti Airport is approximately 25 km away from the city. Buses and trains can also be good options for reaching Chanshal.

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