Himachali Winter Fruit Dish Khatta-or-Galgal

Khatta is winter fruit Dish in Himachal also called big lime or Galgal is popular name.

Himachali people love to eat khatta fruit in winter season. In winter season Himachali people love to prepare khatta in day time and people mix all the required items like some people add Jaggery or Sugar, salt, green coriander, green chilli etc.

himachali khatta fruit

People prepare this dish according to their own taste, some people mix strong chilli or make more spicy which helps to more taste of the khatta fruit.

Himachal Pradesh khatta fruit
Khatta after mixed
Jaggery or sugar, salt, green coriander and chilli

We really love own Himachali big lime or galgal or khatta dish

khatta serve
khaata fruit serve

What is other use of Khatta or Galgal?

People also use to make pickles from this item called Galgal pickles or big lime pickles. Its really very tasty and you can use this pickle for long time.