PASHI – India’s Finest 2018 Short Film

We are extremely delighted to share with you that, Himachali Film – Pashi has been reviewed as the Finest Indian Short Film of 2018 by Indie Shorts Magazine (ISM). You can read the review here:

This is not the first time Pashi has been counted among the best cinematic work to have come out of India. Pashi has been twice included in the list of Top 10 Indian Short Films which included films of acclaimed actors like Anupam Kher, Jacky Shroff, Shefali Shah , Tisca Chopra and Neena Gupta.

Shimla based Award winning Independent Filmmaker, Siddharth Chauhan’s pahari short film PASHI was shot in the Villages of Khalawan, Dhanoti & Tikker in Rohru, Himachal Pradesh. PASHI premiered at the Oscar Qualifying: RIFF Festival in USA and since then has traveled to more than 20 Film Festivals across the globe and has won 6 International Awards so far including Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Film, Best Actor, Audience Choice Award.

Trailer of the film: 

Siddharth’s Statement: “It’s unbelievable. I want to thank my actors , crew members and parents for believing in me and my work. While my next short – Jaadui Sandook (Flying Trunk) is ready for it’s world premiere, I am currently looking for young actors from Himachal to cast in my next few projects – Push Ups (a school life drama) and A Date with Myself (a story about identity, love and freedom).”

FILMOGRAPHY: The film was shot in 10 days at the Sunta Lodge, a beautiful wooden mansion of Village Khalwan, Rohru owned by Shri. Omkar Sunta and some parts were filmed in Village Dhanoti at Shri Balwan Singh Chauhan’s House, and the rest at Govt School Tikker, Rohru.

STORY: Set in a traditional himachali village, an unusual love story unfolds as a visitor arrives and meets his neighbor after years. Simultaneously, a young boy learns about a technique of trapping birds from his wicked-old grandmother and begins to practice it.

CONCEPT: Pashi is a ‘pahari’ laguage word literally meaning ‘a trap’. Pashi is an old concept used by villagers & growing children for hunting birds & animals.

DIRECTORS VISION: Pashi is a film about love and the complexity of one’s feelings. With an undertone of a crucial question: “what is consent?”, Pashi uses the concept of ‘a trap’ as a metaphor to let the audience enter the volatile mind of a young boy.

MUSIC: The Music for PASHI has been composed by Prabir Sekhri from Canada who has used a Russian Instrument: “BALALAIKA” to compose specially for the film.

(Source: Siddharth’s Chauhan)


Himachal Jan Hitkarini Sabha Celebrated 34th Festival in Delhi

Himachal Jan Hitkarni Sabha celebrated 34th festival in Karmpura Delhi,  Its was really great event organized by association.

Hindi Academy Delhi group performed on Himachali songs.  Also our famous singers Baldev Sankhyayan

Richa Sharma, Kulbir Rana and Bablu performed on Himachali famous songs and people enjoyed their  Himachali dance / Naati on our Himachali traditional songs


Partap Vihar school children’s also performed dance and naati on Himachali songs.

Also, Cheap guest Dr. D.S.  Rana ji Chairman of Ganga Ram Hospital Delhi distributed awards to children who got 90% marks in 10th and 12th classes for motivation them.

Also famous personalities available in event ;  Vijay Dogra, PD Dogra, Rajinder Sharma, Subash Thakur etc,

Himachali Dham made by famous  Cook or Boti  specially came from Sujanpur Tira.

Its was really great Himachali Dham.


Next Pahari film FLYING TRUNK in Dodra Kawar by Siddharth Chauhan

Next Pahari film FLYING TRUNK in Dodra Kawar by Siddharth Chauhan

We are extremely delighted to share with you that, Award Winning Shimla based Independent Filmmaker – Siddharth Chauhan has completed the shoot of his next pahari film “FLYING TRUNK” in Dodra
A yet another trailblazing accomplishment, it is the 1st fiction narrative to have been shot
in Dodra Kawar region of Himachal Pradesh. 

The film was funded by the Language, Art and Culture Department – Govt of Himachal Pradesh and was
shot in a span of 12 days from 20th to 29th July 2018 after a 2 months long pre-production phase.
Siddharth – who is best known for his critically acclaimed pahari film PASHI – which was the only
Indian Film to reach the Oscar Qualifying Rhode Island International Film Festival and have also won 6 International Awards so far – is thrilled to present his latest pahari film to his world audience now.

“After Pashi, everyone has been looking forward to my next film. I am very happy to have collaborated with
the Govt this time for making a film – which is deeply rooted in our pahari culture and i am super excited to
see how my audience will react to this film which has been shot in one of the most remote villages of
Himachal, undoubtedly the most beautiful too! This project would have been impossible without the
support of Department of Language Art & Culture, HP. ” 
– Siddharth Chauhan (Rohru)

STORY: Set in the backdrop of apple harvesting season, a young boy (Arush Sharma) discovers an old
wooden trunk in an abandoned house. He is told by his grandmother (Zunchi Devi) that it has magical
powers and can fly. His mother (Divya Saagar) becomes a witness to this adventurous journey until she
reveals the secret of the Trunk to her son.

Dodra Kawar Himachal

Language Spoken in the Film: Pahari

  1. Arush Thakur, Student of Class 1- St Edwards School [Picture attached below].
  2. Divya Saagar – an actor from Mumbai, originally from Shimla. 
  3. Zunchi Devi – a local from Village Kawar.
  4. Sheetal Mehta – a local from Village Kawar.

Assistant Directors: Mridul Surbhi, Ish Sharma & Ujjwala Kapoor
Sound Department: Ankit Rathore, Suraj & Shashwat Kaushal
Camera: Yashwant Kumar Sharma & Ashish Rana
Local Manager: (Kawar Village) Hemraj Chauhan, Vijender Mehta & Karan Chester
Story & Screenplay: Siddharth chauhan 
Dialogues: Disha Bhardwaj & Hemraj Chauhan

TRAILER RELEASE: 15 August, 2018

THE INFINITE SPACE Wins Special Jury Award at IFFS 2016

Our film “THE INFINITE SPACE” has won the   SPECIAL JURY AWARD at International Film Festival of Shimla, 2016 announced by Siddharth Chauhan

A first time filmmaker Piyush Kanga also won this award for his debutant film “DOST”, whereas the Best Film Award went to “Ram Bharose” by Aryan Harnot & Manwar Rana.


  • Nawang Khechog, a Tibetan Grammy Award Nominee, has given the Music of the Film along with Aasheesh Mehta (who is a local music producer).
  • Written, Directed and Produced by a localite with complete local cast and crew.
  • Real Life Monks have acted in the film & the film is in “Ladakhi Language”
  • All Visual Effects were done in Shimla by Yashwant Kumar Sharma, (Framebox Animation Institute, Sanjauli)
  • Film Premiered at University of Manchester, UK in 2015.

Written, Directed & Produced by: Siddharth Chauhan (a localite, originally from Rohru)
Shot at: 

  • Dorjidak Mahayana Buddhist Monastery, Panthaghati, Shimla
  • Jonang  Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, Sanjauli, Shimla

With Support from: Central School for Tibetans, Shimla


  • Karma Jangchup [Central School for Tibetans, Class 7 student]
  • Tsering Samdup[Central School for Tibetans, Class 7 student]
  • Nawang Jinpa [Dorjidak Mahayana Buddhist Monastery, Panthaghati, Shimla]
  • Nyima Tsering [Jonang Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, Sanjauli, Shimla]

Visual Effects by: Yashwant Kumar Sharma [Framebox Animation Institute, Sanjauli, Shimla]

Assistant Director: Vibha Sharma [MCA, HPU]

A little buddhist monk, Nawang, dares to believe in a secret which was revealed years ago in an old buddhist scripture. He discover a secret to Infinity and later reveals it to his friend, Karma, who too discovers then, that one can do anything through the power of faith & belief.

Indian Premiere:
The film had its Indian Premiere at the International Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala, 2015 where it was widely appreciated for its originality of content and form.

International Premiere:

The film had it’s International Premiere at The University of Manchester, UK in 2015 where it received amazing reviews for it’s ambiguous narrative avoiding obvious melodrama, powerful use of music and excellent cinematic storytelling!

2 Films from Shimla Win Top Awards at Pink City Film Festival, Jaipur

The local youth of Shimla has once again proved their talent by winning 2 Top Prizes at Pink City Film Festival in Jaipur 2016.

Best Indian Film Award:Boys Dont Wear Nailpolish!” by Siddharth Chauhan

Actors: Kamayani Bisht & Manan thakur (Locals)
Story: A mother’s battle against gender stereotyping to protect her child’s individuality but how far will she go to defeat the established order of things?

Viewers Choice Award: “Ram Bharose” by Aryan Harnot & Manwar Rana (Locals)

Actors: Kedar Thakur & Mukesh Lakhta
Story: A social satire which revolves around a small town shopkeeper ram bharose who is fed up of people spitting, urinating and littering in front of his shop everyday.

Shimla is slowly and steadily making it’s mark on the canvas of Parallel Indian Cinema.

Both films from Shimla and by a local crew and cast.

Siddharth Chauhan, s/o B.S. Chauhan, from Rohru, based in shimla, has been making films since past 4 years and is known for his innovative style and bold storytelling. Slowly and steadily, now, many people are getting inspired to experiment with films in Shimla. All his films have been based in Shimla and have taken the local culture, talent and scenic beauty to countries like Sarajevo, England, USA, Belarus, Italy, Durham, Indonesia, Paris and New Zealand making him the 1st Independent Filmmaker from Himachal Pradesh to have consistently taken his locally produced films outside India!

Aryan Harnot whos real name is Girish, was born in Sunni region of shimla, is an Actor and has appeared in many mainstream TV serials like Betab India, Phulwa, Chotti Dulhan, Parwarish, Fear Files, Tun Dena Sath Mera, Crime Patrol, Haunted Nights etc. His father Shri S R Harnot is a very renowned writer from Himachal Pradesh. “Ram Bharose” was his first creation as a writer and director.

Coincidentally both Siddharth and Aryan have studied from Dayanand Public School, Shimla.

Delicious Aloo Chat Shop in Sujanpur Tihra

Aloo Chat (chole), tikki Shop in Sujanpur Tihra is one of most famous shop and whenever we get chance to visit Sujanpur Tihra never forget to eat Aloo chat chole . Since our childhood we never forget this shop. It looks very small shop. If you visit any time during the day you can see huge queue. Schools or colleges students always in the queue in the shop and eats Aloo chola, tikki Chaat which are very testy. We don’t know how exactly they prepare all the items which is Aloo Chole, Aloo Tikki, Smosa, Dhai Bhala etc.

aloo tikki chaat shop

All the people who are belong to Sujanpur Tihra like Alampur, Thural, Jangal Beri and many others near wise. If they visit Sujanpur they love to eat Aloo chole in this shop. We stays in Delhi and whenever we visit our home town we eat Aloo Chole special shop.  During this holi festival again got a chance.

We hope if you read this article and if you get a chance to visit Sujanpur Tihra dont forget to visit Sonu Chat Bhandar is one of the best shop for Aloo chat

What to Buy in Shimla While Travelling

People visit Shimla to enjoy their holidays, Vacations, Honeymoon tour , winter seasons, summer seasons. If you visit Shimla whatever resason you dont forget to your family, friends or loveones. What to buy in Shimla for them?.  There are many Shopping places in Shimla where people enjoy to buy huge variety of things in Mall road,  Lakkar Bazaar, The lower bazaar  etc. Where you can get artificial, handicrafts like Himachali caps, pullan, the woolen shawls, wooden crafts etc.

You can buy lot of items like bags, jewelries, rugs, caps, woolen items. sweaters and socks, which are very traditional of Himachal.

Folowing are major attractions in Shimla

  • The Shimla State Museum
  • Naldehra
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Kufri
  • The Scandal Point, Ridge
  • Narkanda
  • Mall Road
  • Jakhoo temple
  • Chail
  • Lakkar Bazaar







Himachal Bhandu Shbha Celebrated Culture Programme in Delhi

Himachal Bhandhu Shaba celebrated culture programme in Delhi. Lot of Himachali people came and enjoy the programme.  All age of the people participated culture programme. Childrens performed Himachali songs, dance and fun etc.  All the Himachali songs which were listen in  our childhood example: ES BO GRANYE DIYA LAMBRA, Kangre Diya Uchiya ridya and many others. It was really great event.

himachl bhandu program


One of the most amazing part of the programme was “Lucky Winner”  Himachal Bhandu Shabha also conducted  lucky draw system. Top ten luckey winner got their awards. First Lucky winner got refrigerator, 2nd lucky winner got Microwave Ovens and  third lucky winner got Mixer Grinder.

Also people enjoyed Himachal Dham like  chabal (Bhaat), channe ke daal, palda, mah ke daal, khata etc.

The prizes distributed at the end of the event.


Don’t miss out on Chowari Jot Trek Chamba!

Recognized as one of the optimum and assiduous prehistoric destination in the northern India, the expanse of Chamba is outlined and blessed as an old-day town occupied with the fervor of magnificence and beauty. Located in the embellished district of Chamba, The region is predestined at an elevation of 3,268 feet above the sea level. This amazing town is impressively known as one of the paramount travel destination Chowari  Jot Trek Chamba and roller-skating enthusiasts and fans. The land of Chamba is indeed speckled with heaps of greenery vegetation and splendid pastures of sweet-smelling and colored flowers. The terrain of Chamba is also enhanced with a large number of historical myths and traces. Being harmonized as the alluring town in the lower mountain arrays of Himalayas, the Chamba expanse is seen as the most charming hill stations amid with scenic settings of lush green valleys and terrains encircled with the crux of dense evergreen forests, mystical views of wildlife and a vast number of bird sanctuaries beset with powerful numbers of extinct and scarce birds.

The town has a great number of temples and palaces and also hosts two widespread Jatras (fairs), the “Suhi Mata Mela” and the “Minjar Mela”, which stretch for about numerous days and encompass music and dancing. Chamba is also well-eminent for its arts and crafts, predominantly its Pahari paintings, which devised in the Hill Kingdoms of North India amid the 17th and 19th century and its handcrafts and textiles. A trip to Chamba is purely incomplete if you are not planning to embark on a trek to Chowari Jot in Chamba.


The day trek from Chowari Jot to Chamba is a reasonably a bit tough and unique route, just below 19 kilometres long. This path follows a ridge along a sequence of saddles and crests from Chowari Jot. This route finishes with a long, two vertical kilometer decline over scree and rock cut strides that might cause some rickety knees towards the end of the trek. However, it is certainly very gorgeous with a panoramic vision of the mountain ranges. Weather here is lovely during the day till from March to November, very icy at night.

How to reach

Buses ply frequently to Chowari Jot and Chamba. From Chamba bus stand, the last HRTC (Himachal Roadways Transport Corporation) bus leaves for Chowari Jot at 1600 hours. Taxis can be also borrowed from Chamba.

Swine Flu Treatment at Home

As per economictimes The Union Health Ministry said that, as on March 9, the total number of deaths due to the H1N1 virus stands at 1,482 with as many as 26,455 people having been affected by Swine Flu across the various states.

Gujarat 300 people died and 5715 effected
Madhya Pradesh 201 died 1,608 effected

As per Zee News 10th March swine flu in Himachal under control  and Official sources said till date, 14 people have died due to the swiine flu 34 patients having symptoms of swine flu had been treated and some of them are undergoing treament.

What are the symptoms of swine flu?

Most symptoms are the same as seasonal flu

  • High Fever
  • Cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Confusion
  • Headache
  • Runny nose
  • Body pain

How can Swine Flu treatment at home?

  • Maintain a safe distance from affected people
  • Avoid kiss or handshake
  • Dont use or share fork, glass and foods
  • Visit doctor if you have sudden high fever, cough, headache and muscle pain
  • Eat fruits and vegetables like carrorts, organce, papaya etc.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water
  • Stay at home if you have flu symptoms
  • Wear a face mask