Himachali Bandhu Sabha

Himachali Bandhu Sabha (Regd.) is established in New Delhi since 1992.  Its dedicated to Himachali people who are staying in Delhi and objective of this welfare to promote Himachali culture,  Praise all types of the artists and helping poor people, promoting members and children, society in all types of the activities.  Himachal Bandhu Sabha also provide free bhajans and kirtan mandalis, free yoga camp etc. All the members enjoy and celebrates babal balak Nath bhandra, Holi festival every year.

There are eight wings in Himachali Bandhu Sabha and each wing working for their respective field like spiritual wing provide bhajans and kirtan, Yoga Camp, Matrimonial consultation under matrimonial wings, Sports & Education Wing etc.

Himachali Bhandu Sabha also started their Book regarding Himachali Bhandhu Sabha in which you can see all the activities like Culture Programme etc.

Himachal Bhandu Sabha Culture Programme

Every year HBS conducted culture programme in Delhi and many Himachali people comes and enjoy this programme. Our talented Himachali children’s performance on himachali songs and dance, Himachali singers also invited in this programme.

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