Absorb the serenity of Mother Nature by visiting Bhagsunag Waterfall

Many with agree with the point that roving to the new places is an addiction. It cajoles people to reconnoiter the natural splendors around the globe. A holiday with your family and friends not only help you to satiate your craving of sightseeing new places, but also gives you a much-awaited break from your routine hectic work roster. It works as oxygen for people who wish to find an escapade away from all the hustle-bustle of life. An outing with loved ones will help you to recoup your oomph so that you can focus on your work and responsibilities of life again. In such a scenario, a trip to Mcleodganj can be a savior.

About Mcleodganj, well, this is precisely how you would expect a vacationer’s darling township to look and be like. Awe-inspiring views of snow laden hills, antiquated old monasteries and exotic culture lure thousands of individuals around the world to this small city.

The glorious description of Bhagsunag waterfalls

The Bhagsunag falls are situated very near to the Bhagsu Village which has the famous Bhagsu Temple, embracing the commencement of a fresh water stream. The Bhagsu waterfall is a 20 minutes’ walk from the temple. It is an eminent pilgrim site in Mcleodganj and while visiting the shrine, it is worth to make the trek down to the falls. Due to the spiritual connotation of the place and its immediacy to Dharamshala, the place is clustered by tourists all around the year. Bhagsunag waterfall is considered as one of the paramount attractions where you can rejoice in the pristine environs so as to feel the extreme tranquility and peace. It is one of the stop-offs for trekkers who are moving towards Triund. The waterfall has self-effacing presence round the year, but in Monsoons, it is restocked and flows as a flawlessly silvery torrent.

Bhagsu Village and its historical relevance

Bhagsu village has become one of the main vacationer hubs in the area in the last few years. The prehistoric Shiva Temple of Bhagsunag stands two kms above Mcleodganj, Dharamshala. As per the fable, 5000 years ago, Nagdevata, the snake God was drawn into a scuffle with a local King Bhagsu, who showed the guts of stealing water from the blessed Nagdal Lake. King Bhagsu was defeated and pardoned by the Snake God and the spot got sacred as Bhagsunag. Amid all the devotees, the temple clutches a special importance for the Gorkhali community.

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